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Some of the activities your child will enjoy and experience will be playing outdoors, outings at local parks/woods, petting zoo/farm, playgroups and library and visits to the shops to learn about the local community. Painting, drawing, cutting/sticking, craft making, play dough, cooking, role play, construction, story time, puppets, music and movement - singing/dancing, sand, water and having fun!

All activities are based upon each child's current stage of development and are usually linked to the theme we are following at that time. Regular assessments will be carried out so you will know how your child is progressing, new activities are then planned to further your child's development.

All children are individual and are encouraged to learn and develop at their own level and ability. Activities are not all adult led, children are able to and encouraged to choose for themselves - toys and resources are easily accessible and labelled with words and pictures.

Weather permitting, part of each day will be spent outdoors, as not only is this a requirement of the EYFS, but it is also beneficial for children to enjoy fresh air and a variety of activities. It's not just playing in the garden or a trip to the park and exploring the environment, many activities will be outdoors, like painting, drawing, cutting/sticking, sand and water play etc.

Themed activities include creative 'messy play' such as making collages with the leaves and other things we may have picked up on our morning walk! Other examples are painting, cutting and sticking, cooking, making and playing with play dough. We will follow themes for multicultural celebrations and seasons etc, the children will be included in the planning of themes and are encouraged to share ideas. We will make cards for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas and celebrate Birthdays.